Power Tools and Shop Equipment

For Projects, You Need The Right Tools

We all know that if you want to get a project done quickly and done right, you need the right tools for the job.  At Red Wing Pawn we carry a HUGE selection of Power Tools, Hand Tools, and Accessories that are Perfect for whatever job you have to do at work or around the house.  From Hand Saws to Chain Saws, Screw Drivers to Sanders, you’ll find what you need at Red Wing Pawn.

Check Out Some Of Our Selection Below:




Diamonds and Jewelry

All That Glitters

At Red Wing Pawn we have a wide selection of Diamond Rings, Bracelets, and Necklaces.  Birthday or Anniversary coming up for that special someone?  Why pay top dollar at one of those diamond importers when you can get the same quality and shine for less at Red Wing Pawn.  No matter what your style, price range, and taste Red Wing Pawn has something for you.


Watches, Silver, & More…

Red Wing Pawn also carries a wide selection of other jewelry for women and accessories for men.  From watches to turquoise, silver to gold, you’ll be able to find that special piece that fits just right into your personality and style.


Buy & Sell

Why not get some cash for all that jewelry that’s just sitting around in your home? Bring your gold, silver, diamonds, or other jewelry into Red Wing Pawn and we’ll give you top dollar for it.  OR you can even use it towards credit on something else in our store!

Guitars and Amps

Ready to Rock Out?

Then come into Red Wing Pawn and check out our huge selection of guitars, amps, speakers, and More!  We’ve got everything you need whether you want to buy your first guitar or if you need to add a new and unique item to your growing collection.  Stop on into Red Wing Pawn and try out a couple.  We have Amps and speakers ready to hook up if you want to test out our electrics.  When you come in just ask one of our associates and they’d be happy to help.

Electric or Acoustic, we’ve got you covered.  We also carry a great selection of new strings you can get when you purchase your guitar.

Are we ready to Rock?  I think yes!


Buy & Sell

Bring in your old electric or acoustic and trade it in for some quick cash.  Or if you want, use it towards an awesome new guitar from our store and keep on rockin’.

Handguns and Rifles

Large Firearm Selection

We have a wide selection of both handguns and rifles and the selection is always new and unique.  From Revolvers, Pistols, Single Shot, Hunting, Semi-Auto, you name it…We’ve got it.

When you stop on in one of our associates will be happy to give you a hands on look at any of our firearms in stock.


Sell & Trade

Have a handgun or rifle that you really don’t use any more?  Or Maybe you just need something a little bit different. 

Bring your Handgun or Rifle into Red Wing Pawn and trade it in for something new in our store. 

Or if you just need some cash we will also buy your used Handgun or Rifle from you at a price that we’re sure you will be happy with.


**Be sure you have your permit handy if you’re looking to purchase a handgun or revolver.    Info on how and where to get a permit can be found by Clicking Here